How to select your Soroban.

We offer the following guidance for the choice of the Soroban. The best choice depends on the way you will use it.
(Please consult with our staff if you have further questions.)

If it will be used in Juku (school),

 →The 23 digit model is the best choice.

If you want to enter competitions,

 →The one-touch reset model is faster.

To carry with you,

 →The 13 or 15 digit portable Soroban is best.

If you want a large-size demonstration Soroban,

 →The Tonya soroban is the best choice.

If you want the old-fashioned 5-bead Soroban (it has five unit-beads rather than four),

 →The variety is limited but we have some models in our warehouse, so please.inquire.




  お薦め:理想型 品番3460
      マグネット算盤 品番M70






 → マグネット(お薦め)

















Considering the Soroban's parts, the length of the keta (bead support rods marking each digit), the material used for the counting beads, the frame material, and considering the individual makers and the degree of special workmanship, there are really many possible varieties. The prices reflect these differences.

What are the main differences between expensive and inexpensive Soroban?
"Convenience when using the beads."
"Strongly made for lifetime use."
"Something to display that lets you feel the charm."

However, to put it simply, "We want to respond to the user's hopes and expectations" and that is our policy.

A superior Soroban will change with time.
The color of the beads, the friction of the bamboo keta, the color of the frame, these will change depending on how it is used and cared for. * After some decades of use, the Soroban will take on its own atmosphere and appearance.

The Soroban is hand-made with care and concern, and we think that is the real value of the Soroban. The Kamedake Soroban Corporation wants to preserve the spirit of our first President, "Think of the person who uses the Soroban", expressed when he started our company in 1922. We have continued since then to make and offer our best Soroban and plan to continue that spirit into the future.